The Plethora of Dangers of Disposable Diapers


Go Green Baby Diaper Pail HappyLet's face it, the average baby does a LOT of pooping! Did you know most babies will go through 6 to 8 diapers in a day? That's a total of 6,500 - 10,000 diapers before they are potty trained at around 30 months old. If you're using disposable wipes and diapers, you're faced with costs of anywhere from $75 - $150 a month and at least $3,000 for each child!

A study in 2010 deduced that one-third of all mothers in the U.S.A. are cutting back on basic necessities just to afford diapers. That means they are cutting back on food, utilities, and even childcare. However, disposable diapers are not just costing individual familes, they are costing our entire nation as well as the planet.

Disposable World

About 90 to 95% of babies in America use 24.7 billion single-use, plastic diapers every single year. This will generate 7.6 billion pounds of garbage each and every year - that's enough waste to completely fill Yankee Stadium over 15 times! That could stretch to the moon and back over 9 times... think about it... every year.

These stagering numbers add up.... disposable diapers are the third largest consumer item found in landfills, and total up to 30% of non-biodegradable wastes. Only food containers and beverage bottles outnumber the amount of disposables.

These diapers require hundreds of years to break down when they are exposed to sunlight and air and since they are dumped into landfills that means they are covered and not always exposed at all. Without the sun and air exposure, even those so called "eco-friendly" disposable diapers that are labeled biodegradable will not break down in biodegradable landfills resulting in just as much of a problem as regular diapers.

Disposable Diapers Aid Increasing Gas Prices

YES! Even when we factor in the energy required to launder cloth diapers disposables:

  • Create 2.3 times the water waste.
  • Use 3.5 times more energy.
  • Use 8.3 times more non-renewable raw materials like oil and minerals.
  • Use 90 times more renewable materials like cotton and tree pulp.
  • Use 4 to 30 times more land for growing and mining raw materials.


Poisen Disposiables

Taking the misuse of oil and toxic wastes into account, disposible diapers are also toxic. If you use disposible diapers you are exposing your babies under-developed outter skin to 50 different types of chemicals! By simply using cloth diapers and other natural baby products you can greatly reduce this exposure. This includes things like Sodium Polyacylate (SPA), Dioxin, Phthalates, Heavy Metals, and other nasty toxics like m-Xylene, p-Anisaldehyde, Ethylbenzene, Styrene, Isopropylbenzene, Dipentene, m-Methoxbenzaldehyde, Methyl Cinnamate, Toluene, 1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene, 1-Methylcyclopentylamine, and 1,2,3-Trimethylcyclopentane.

That all sounds terrible right? Yes, we agree!

So, make the switch to cloth diapers... work to protect the planet, your baby and save money... it's a win-win all around!

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