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More Earth Friendly BabyWhen the Guttormson family sold their plastic manufacturing company in 1997 they chose to retain a few proprietary products which they truly believed in including The Original Diaper Pail that has become a staple of the cloth diaper world helping eco-friendly moms to keep their babies happy since it's inception. His enthusiasm for this product has not dampened over the years!

The pails creation and design has proven to be a truly successful collaboration with the National Association of Diaper Services (now the Real Diaper Industry Association). BNI, which is owned by the Guttormson family, now chooses to bring this product directly to wholesalers, diaper services, baby store retailers and the general public for the following reasons:

  • Retain the best possible pricing for these diaper containers
  • Ensure the product continues to be Made in America
  • Assure continued product quality and creative development
  • Leverage a stronger communication channel with our babies and parents

This is our REAL philosophy for actively creating a brighter future for manufacturing Earth friendly products that are made in the USA.

The Original Diaper Pail is the preferred product for discerning parents who want their babies and toddlers to grow up in a more natural and responsible environment. Although cloth diapers obviously provide for this ethic, it is of course critical to use the appropriate container. The Original Diaper Pail supports achievement of these goals in a number of ways:

  • Dads and moms alike both feel that odor containment has proven to be one of its most successful components and the use of Citrus Circles and Deo Disc's only serves to enhance it's effectiveness.
  • It reduces the large amount of waste that is generated by disposable diapers.
  • The clean lines and an attractive presentation provide multiple uses once the diaper days are over.
  • The Pail is great for storing everything from dog food to bird seed to YOU name it!

Thanks to all of you who support this vision with us!

The Guttormson Family - Steve, Chic, & Fred

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